Magic 360 All-Terrain Power Wheelchair

Off-Road to Indoors. Freedom in Every Direction - Magic 360

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Off-Road to Indoors. Freedom in Every Direction - Magic 360

The Magic Mobility Magic 360 is one of the few compact powerchairs that is robust enough for off-road, maneuverable enough for indoors, and versatile enough for everything in between. The Magic 360 was designed, manufactured, and developed in the heart of Australia. Magic Mobility has drawn upon 25 years of experience with off-road and all-terrain wheelchairs to deliver the world's first everyday power wheelchair with true off-road capability. The Magic 360 is compact enough to get around your home and is full of all-terrain technology to take you where you want to go.

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Magic Mobility Magic 360 MWD All-Terrain Power Wheelchair

Off-Road Meets the Indoors

For 25 years, Magic Mobility has manufactured, designed, and developed all-terrain power wheelchairs. All of that knowledge has been used to create the Magic 360. The chassis, suspension, motors, drive wheels, and batteries were all developed with off-road performance in mind. It's in our DNA.

Ready for anything

The Magic 360 pushes the boundaries of what an everyday chair can achieve. Technology taken directly from the Magic Mobility product portfolio means the Magic 360 can handle whatever is thrown its way.

Control and power when you need it! The Magic 360 is powered by 6.2 MPH, 4-pole, high performance 800W motors which deliver 50 lb-ft of torque! This level of torque delivers a performance punch when required, specifically during off-road driving on uneven terrain. This level of torque also allows for the driver to easily overcome obstacles at slower speeds.

The Magic 360 is designed to get you where you need to go as comfortably and as easily as possible. Adjustable coiled springs sit on each caster arm to dampen every bump in the road, and they all articulate independently. This means that as one caster climbs over an obstacle, the other three keep the chair level and stable - even at slow speeds!

Take in the thrills of off-road driving with the Magic 360 paired with knobby Off-Road Tires. If you're up for the challenge of hiking, bush-bashing, or getting off the beaten track, Magic's renowned robustness and toughness will get you there. You'll be able to take on dirt paths, long grass, muddy tracks, dips, and divots. Pair it with a fishing rod holder and a luggage rack, and you're set.

Navigating cobbled streets, gutters, footpaths, and city transport? No problem with the Magic 360. Moving through narrow spaces and accessing the high life with an elevator? We've got you covered. The Magic 360 is a sleek and stylish solution to the challenges your city throws at you. Coupled with Urban Tires and modern design, you're set to take on city living in style.

Navigating tight corners and small rooms is a dream in the Magic 360. The compact body gives you complete control in those tight indoor spaces and when you need to tackle your day ahead - school, work, shopping, or play. The Magic 360 seamlessly moves you from day to night and everything in between. Get the ultimate flexibility you need to handle the daily obstacles of your world.

Ready for anything

Fits in with your life

The world's most versatile compact chair with off-road capability. Tailored to the world you live in, the Magic 360 lets you choose the life you want. A compact chassis fits seamlessly around your home, work, or school environment, giving you true 360° freedom.

C-Me Power Seat Elevate

C-Me Power Seat Elevate

With 12" seat elevation, the C-Me power lift function on Magic Mobility wheelchairs can open up new worlds and possibilities. Some important benefits include:

Independence: Having the ability to elevate up to 12" enables greater independence by providing better accessibility to the things you need and love to do.

Reach: It's simply easier to reach items when in an elevated position. The 12 inches of lift is easily noticeable, making reaching things like light switches and checkout counters that much easier.

Increased visibility: Sitting at a concert or sports event doesn't always provide the best experience, especially if those around you are standing, obscuring your view of the main event. An elevation of 12 inches gives you the boost to be at standing height, making these standing experiences much more enjoyable.

Social interaction: The 12" lift makes social interactions much easier and more enjoyable.

For children: Being face-to-face with their fellow classmates and friends through the use of the power lift function can help reduce the negative stigma that may affect young wheelchair users. This can result in more enriching positive experiences for children.

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Tire Options

Tire Options

Narrow 2" Urban Tires allow for more maneuverability in the tight spaces of the indoors and around town.

Wide, 4" knobby Off-Road Tires provide exceptional grip across all manner of different terrains.

Order the optional jack to make it easier to swap between tires.

Kids' to Adults' Seating

The Magic 360's seating system is taken directly from our all-terrain power wheelchair portfolio and is specifically designed to take on the challenge of off-road use. The highly durable seat allows you to go wherever you want to go with absolute peace of mind, as well as growing in width from 13" to 23" and growing in depth from 13" to 24", making it perfect for kids and adults. It's combined with comfortable and supportive MPS seating, as well as a whole range of powered functions to support your needs, from the most basic to the most complex.

Versatile features

Designed for life on the go

Your power wheelchair needs to suit your lifestyle, and the Magic 360 offers a wide range of options and accessories to do just that. Your chair. Your choice.

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Product Width:
  • Off-Road: 26"
  • Urban: 24"
Product Length:39" (without footrest)
Anchura de asiento:
  • Rehab seat: 13"-23"
  • Comfort (MPS) seat: 16"-22"
Profundidad de asiento:
  • Rehab seat: 13"-24"
  • Comfort (MPS) seat: 16"-20"
Seat-to-Floor Height:
  • 17"
  • 18"
  • 19"
Back Height:
  • Rehab back: 16.5"-24"
  • Comfort (MPS) back: 22" & 26"
Radio de giro:22.5" (without footplates)
Product Information
Starting Retail Price:$22,294
Autonomía máxima:21 miles
Max. Speed:6 mph
Battery Size:
  • Group 24
  • Group 34
Drive Wheel Position:Mid
Wheel Options:
  • Caster wheel: 8"
  • Drive wheel: 14"
Transit:Yes; this product has been successfully crash tested and fulfills the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19.
User Weight Capacity:350 lbs.
Product Weight:Starting at 320 lbs.

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Preguntas frecuentes

Your wheelchair should not be driven through puddles or across streams/rivers. It is an electrically powered device, with motors low to the ground.

CRITICAL! Your wheelchair has electric motors and must NEVER be driven through water or into rivers, creeks, or the sea.

The range of Magic Mobility wheelchairs differs depending on usage and build factors including the battery option selected, weather, frequent stops/starts, or long straight drives. Different terrains will also have an impact on power consumption. Our advice is to familiarize yourself during your daily routine and read the battery section in the owner's manual.

Generally, with proper care, all the batteries we supply can last up to three years for normal or moderate wheelchair users. For heavy users who drive long distances or on challenging terrain each day, all the batteries we supply may last up to two years. Please see the owner's manual for further details on batteries and battery care.

Lower tire pressures provide more traction in mud, sand, and snow. For use on firmer surfaces, tire pressures may be increased depending upon the weight of the user, their preferences, and their driving capability. The range of the wheelchair improves with higher pressures. Please refer to your owner's manual for further information.

My local mechanic thinks my tire pressures should be higher so I can move easily from on to off-road.
Tire pressures should be adjusted according to the terrain you are driving on, and there is no such thing as the "right" tire pressure for either on or off-road. When on pavement, a higher tire pressure is better, as the chair will get improved range and similar comfort. If the tire pressure is too high for off-road, it may cause damage to the steering or bearings, and the off-road capability will be significantly reduced. If possible, set the pressure according to the conditions and before you go off-road, reduce the tire pressures. This way, you won't cause any harm if you drive it on the road until you reinflate the tires. We strongly recommend you refer to the owner's manual and don't exceed the pressure ratings in the graphs.