Education in Motion

Education in Motion

No one client or clinical practice is exactly like another.

At Sunrise Medical, we understand. To address this challenge we have created Education in Motion: a go-to resource for clinicians needing to stay up-to-date on the latest information in the CRT industry.

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Standing Power Wheelchair Evaluation: Considering All of the Client's Goals

It's easy to look at power wheelchairs with a standing function and be amazed by the technolo...

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PODCAST: Power Bases and the Importance of Customer Choice

Laurie Watanabe, Editor of Mobility Management Magazine, recently sat down with Jeff Rogers, Dire...

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The Importance of Power Wheelchair Base Dimensions and Turning Radius

Many people continue to be drawn to mid-wheel drive power wheelchair bases for the following reas...

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Visualizing the Ideal Wheelchair

Throughout the 20+ years of my career I have watched how technology has changed the equipment ava...

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Weighing the Options of Transporting a Rigid Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

The ability to get out into the community via a personal vehicle or public transportation with th...

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PODCAST: Getting to Know Your Clients to Improve Seating and Mobility Outcomes

Recently I was interviewed by Laurie Watanabe, Editor of Mobility Management, for a podcast episo...

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Pediatric Seating System Assessment

Seating systems are a vital part of 24-hour postural management programs. They provide a stable a...

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Guide to Memory Seat Programming

The benefits and clinical application of being able to program the end positions of each power se...

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Memory Seat Functions

When considering power seat functions, it is important to consider all of the functional activiti...

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Manual Wheelchair Propulsion

Before a wheelchair user starts using a manual wheelchair, these key points of rear wheel positio...

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Power Wheelchair Seat Frame Comparison

After considering the importance of drive wheel position, often the next step in this process is ...

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Seating and Mobility Evaluation Form

In order to recommend the most appropriate seating and wheeled mobility equipment for a client, i...

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Historias reales

Kevan C.

Kevan considers himself just one of the guys! He is a full-time wheelchair user who is redefining what accessible is. His message is that accessibility is different for everyone. In his eyes, it is "people helping people." He learned this when he decided to leave his wheelchair in America and his posse volunteered to carry him around Europe.

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Meet the Team

Angie Kiger

Angie Kiger - Sunrise Medical USA

M.Ed., CRTS, ATP/SMS - Clinical Strategy & Education Manager

Amy Bjornson

Amy Bjornson - Sunrise Medical Australia

BS, MPT, ATP, SMS - Clinical Education Manager - Asia Pacific

Sheilagh Sherman

Sheilagh Sherman - Sunrise Medical Canada

BA, BHScOT, MHM, OT Reg. (Ont.) - Clinical Educator

Mayari Solorzano-Chavez

Mayari Solorzano-Chavez - Sunrise Medical Latin America

PT / ATP - Clinical Educator - Latin America

Linda Bollinger

Linda Bollinger - Sunrise Medical USA

PT / ATP / DPT - Clinical Education Manager

Faith Brown

Faith Brown - Sunrise Medical UK & Éire

OT - Clinical Specialist, Clinical Educator - United Kingdom & Éire

Federico Rizza

Federico Rizza - Sunrise Medical Italy

OT - Clinical & Product Specialist

Tilly Brook

Tilly Brook - Sunrise Medical Australia

OT - Clinical Sales Consultant

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