Fresno, California, 8th January 2024

Sunrise Medical is pleased to announce the launch of the Switch-It Vigo head control. The Vigo is a wireless, proportional head control that allows drivers to control their power wheelchairs and other devices with subtle and intuitive head movements. This innovative alternative drive control was developed by Now Technologies LTD which joined Sunrise Medical in 2022. The addition of Vigo to the Switch-It brand complements the full product line of state-of-the-art controls designed specifically for use on power wheelchairs.

The sleek design of the wireless headset is unobtrusive and discreet, allowing for better social interaction while driving the power wheelchair. The driver has an unobstructed field of view and friends can make eye contact and see facial expressions. The innovative use of sensors in the headset makes for an accurate reading of the head position, which allows the smooth operation of the wheelchair. Since the Vigo sits on the driver's head, perfect placement is achieved more easily and maintained when using seat functions and other movements, even during transfers.

The Vigo head control allows riders to utilize their full range of head movement available to them (however restricted this may be) to intuitively drive their power wheelchair and control their computer. It's as easy as tilting your head. With desktop and mobile apps, the driving experience can be easily personalized down to the smallest details and can be adjusted to adapt to changing needs.

"Adding the Switch-It Vigo to our portfolio reinforces Sunrise Medical's commitment to offering the most comprehensive powered mobility solutions to chair drivers with the most complex needs," said Bernd Krebs, Chief Technology Officer of Sunrise Medical. "Clinicians and providers should be reassured that, between our QUICKIE power bases, SEDEO seating systems, and Switch-It alternative drive controls, they can find a solution that will get their clients independently driving."

The Vigo with its innovative technology has been well received in other markets and has already won numerous awards including the Mobility Product Award in 2023 from Mobility Management publication in the "Alternative Driving Controls" category.

About Sunrise Medical: Committed to improving people's lives, Sunrise Medical is a world leader in the innovation, manufacture, and distribution of advanced assistive mobility devices and solutions. Distributed in more than 130 countries under its own 17 proprietary brands, the key products include manual and power wheelchairs, e-mobility products, motorized scooters, seating & positioning systems, and daily living aids. Operating in 23 countries, Sunrise Medical group is headquartered in Malsch, Germany and employs over 2,800 associates worldwide.