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Front-Wheel Drive All-Terrain Power Wheelchairs

Magic Mobility's front wheel drive off-road power wheelchairs excel at indoor maneuverability thanks to their short wheelbases. Equipped with low-pressure knobby tires, their all-terrain prowess isn't compromised!

Magic Mobility Frontier V4 FWD All-Terrain Power Wheelchair

Frontier V4All-Terrain Power Wheelchair

The Frontier V4 FWD offers a great solution to some of life's trickiest corners. It's designed for those wanting to get around their homes with ease, using desks and tables, or driving frequently.

From $11931

  • FWD layout

Preguntas frecuentes

Your wheelchair should not be driven through puddles or across streams/rivers. It is an electrically powered device, with motors low to the ground.

CRITICAL! Your wheelchair has electric motors and must NEVER be driven through water or into rivers, creeks, or the sea.